Universal AC Motors

Universal electric motors are so called because they are small electric motors, developed with focus on mobile or residential use. An engine with these bases has its electrical scheme optimized to operate with any available voltage.

When the universal motor receives alternating current, there is a change in the direction of current in the stator coils and wires, but this change does not change the direction of rotation of the motor. It is only possible to change the direction of rotation by changing the brush connections through the stator coils. In this way, fixed magnetic field changes its polarity.           Rubber 16/A57

AC electric motors can be connected directly to the mains and because of the way they are built and designed, they use the effect of alternating current to operate. They feature stator and rotor equal to an alternating current motor.

Consequently it looks a lot like the AC DC electric motor because they are also capable of working with this type of current. It is a low power motor up to 500 watts, widely used in machine tools and major appliances.