The Brake Coil Supply

The supply of the rectifier bridge by alternating current can be obtained from an independent source or also through the terminals of the electric motor. The power supply can be in 110 V, 220 V, 440 V or 575 V depending on the characteristics of the brake coil assembly and bridge rectifier. The coil can also be given at 24 Vdc, but it is important to remember that in this case, the power must be supplied through a direct current, an independent source, not requiring the use of a bridge rectifier.

For motors of different voltages, the terminals of the rectifier bridge must be connected to the 220 V independent source, considering the simultaneous interruption with the motor supply. With the power supply, in this case independent, it is feasible to electrically realize the brake unlocking.

Baldor L1405T-50

A smoother stoppage of the engine may be possible by reducing the value of the braking torque by withdrawing the brake pressure springs. It is important to remember that the springs have to be taken in a way, that the rest remain symmetrically arranged, to avoid that it continues having a friction even after starting the motor, causing the uneven wear of the pads.