System with insulating properties

The system with the insulating function of electrical machines consists of the combination of various insulating materials used in electrical equipment. This junction in an electric motor occurs through wire insulation enamel, groove bottom, groove closure insulation, insulation between phases, varnish and impregnation resin, insulation of the connecting cable and solder insulation.

Some components or materials that do not come into contact with the coil may not be part of the insulation system NM3534. The characteristics of any product in a specific thermal class do not necessarily determine that each insulation material used in its composition has the same thermal capacity.

The maximum temperature limit in an insulation system can not be directly related to the thermal capacity of the materials in use. In different systems, the thermal performance of a component can be improved through the protective properties of some materials used with this material.

The characteristics of a product of undetermined thermal class does not mean that each insulating material used in its construction has the same thermal capacity or class. The temperature limit of an insulation system is not related to the thermal capacity of the materials individually used in the system.