Rotor – Constructive Aspects

The rotor of an electric motor is made of the following parts:

– Axle: Made of steel, it transmits the mechanical power generated by the motor. It is designed thermally to correct problems such as warpage and fatigue;

– Field coils: Also called field winding, is made by a set of coils fed by direct current by the excitation system;      TPMSJ24ABSP

– Starting cage: It consists of bars and short-circuit rings, normally installed at the ends of the rotor poles or together with the field windings in the case of a smooth pole rotor. Used to break the engine by applying the same principles of asynchronous induction motors. It can be made of electrolytic copper or brass. During the nominal working regime it still has the function of attenuating sudden changes of load and transients in the network, helping to remain the motor in synchronism;

– Core: The rotor core can be made with laminated sheets or solid construction in a single steel block, there is no need for the plate properties to be identical to those of the stator, since there is only continuous current circulation in the rotor of permanent regime, which does not offer significant losses in iron.