High Yield Engines – Definitions

Due to the need to increase the efficiency of the electric motors, manufacturers make the engines of high performance arise. These engines need to use higher quality materials, but using less energy, with the same duty cycle, for the same power on the shaft.

These special motors work at lower temperatures than conventional motors, with greater overload capacity and the efficiency can reach a number very close to the unit.

When conducting an energy study in an industry, the economic convenience of replacing some conventional engines with high-performance engines is studied, especially in continuously operating motors.

High-performance electric motors acme TDGP2000XM have special features such as the use of superior silicon steel magnetic plates, thus reducing the magnetizing current and consequently increasing engine throughput. The use of a greater amount of copper in the windings and the proper dimensioning of the rotor grooves and short-circuit rings, allowing to reduce Joule losses.

The special heat treatment of the rotor reduces the additional losses and the high filling factor of the grooves, provides better heat dispersion, which was generated by internal losses.