Flange and Pad Fixing

When fixing an electric motor by flange, it must be supported on the base, which must have a suitable dimensioning dimension for the flange size, thus ensuring concentricity of the assembly. The dimension of the flange is given in the technical product catalog.

Depending on the type of flange, the attachment can be made from the motor to the base or from the base to the motor. For fixing the base to the motor, the length of the screw must take into account the thickness of the base and the depth of the thread of the motor flange.

For fixing the motor to the base, it is recommended that the set screw has a free thread length of 1.5 times the bolt diameter.

For fixing large electric motors rab lighting stl360h, it is recommended that in addition to flange mounting, the motor should be supported by feet or pad.

Motor mounting by feet or pad is usually used in ventilation ducts. This fixation is made through threaded holes in the motor structure, whose dimension is informed in the electronic catalog or technical catalog of the product. The fixing rods must be rigid enough to prevent excessive vibration of the motor.