Explosive Gas Disposal Set

The purpose of the explosive gas disposal kit is to inject a large amount of nitrogen into the equipment, continuously, creating a safe environment inside the transformer and the switch, eliminating explosive gases from inside and ensuring cooling of the oil and components the equipment.

The explosive gas disposal set may have several outlets and provide different nitrogen streams for each section of the protected equipment.

Parts that make up the set:

  1. Output to the transformer tank;
  2. Output to the on-load tap-changer;
  3. Output to the tank if separation of oil and gases;
  4. LED for the service indication.

With the transformer tank rupture, a flow of oil from the conservator to the transformer takes place. Without the conservative shutter valve, any conservator oil will possibly be spilled, fed and spraying fire.

The conservative shutter valve is designed to close when an atypical flow of oil occurs, preventing the drainage of the conservator’s tank.                    2BK70H

The control panel is installed in the control room of the substation and is connected to transformer protections, fire detectors, isolation valve, shutter valve of the conservator, rupture disk and nitrogen cylinder cabinet.