Engines Drive

Electric motors are machines aimed at converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motors can combine the ease of transport, low cost, economy, cleanliness and simplicity of command and are machines of easy construction and adaptation with any type of load. Nowadays, we have a great need to preserve the ozone layer from the emission of polluting gases, and the electric motors are being used in automotive vehicles in order to save energy and save the environment. Gaseous pollutants, such as carbon dioxide  reelcraft H18000 M from exhaust gases from vehicles and factories, have a great deal of damage to the ozone layer.

The operation of electric motors is connected to the principles of electromagnetism, whereby conductors in a magnetic field and crossed by electric current, support the action of a mechanical force called torque.

The machines we know today can not produce energy. They need to convert other types of energy into mechanical energy so they can work. Lavoisier said that in nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. This means that nothing can be created without an earlier reference, transformed from something that already exists.