A current transformer has a core and a winding. And both the material and the dimensions of a toroidal core, such as the size of the winding wires or cables, are standardized, and the designer must follow the specifications of the recommended standards.

There are few manufacturers in the market that are producing noble iron materials and correct cores for the construction of high accuracy transformers. This work takes into account two international manufacturers: Magnetics (USA) and Vacuumschmelze (Germany), since no domestic manufacturer of noble materials was found.

The program is flexible because it allows adding the database of other materials. The first item in the Core menu has the submenus: Material, Dimensions and Windings, where you can specify the material type and dimensions of the core, and the type of wire or cable used for the windings.

The first step is to enter the data of a material and clicking the button New will appear an auxiliary panel.          ORC4SACHP37P61

In order to calculate the errors of a CT it is necessary to specify two characteristics of the material: the magnetization curves (Bm x Hm) and the losses of the iron (PF x Bm).