Concepts for Engines

In general, electric motors are basically made up of parts and elements introduced into a metal carafe and so all electric motors of direct current have the same parts for their operation, changing only the size of them, and can vary depending on the size of the motor.

Among the main parts that an electric motor has, is the field coil, which is attached to the housing inside it, being a magnet or electromagnet. It is worth mentioning that an important part located in the electric motors is the induced one, popular because it is the central axis of the motor, and according to its name, it is responsible for making it turn by means of the contact of the magnetic fields of the coil.

At the instant the motor is powered by an electric current, the field coil generates a magnetic field around the winding because of the current flowing through it. The electric motors have a skillful power, whose function is to combine the force of interaction of magnetic fields, guaranteeing the interaction in the induction of a central axis, that aims to move in order to produce enough force and speed.