As if determines a power consumed by the motor and which is rotation and slip

The powers an electric motor has to be measured by formulas, and know KWH electricity consumed by the motor, Kilo Watt Hour, then divide its mechanical power for its yield (η).

For example; 5 hp = 3.68 kW of mechanical power η = 85, 6% as shown on the nameplate or catalog kW.h P = 4.35 3.68 0.856 kW.h

The rotation axis is the number of rotations of the electric motor by a time unit, this rotation is usually expressed in rpm revolutions per minute for a frequency of 60 Hz, have the engine. Of 2 and 4 poles currently they are the most sold in the market. baldor JML1510T

The slip: The term used called slip is used to describe the difference between the synchronous engine speed and the actual speed at the tip of the electric motor shaft, and factors such as factors such as load or voltage change in the network energy can influence the speed of a motor.