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The Preservation of the Environment

The electric motor is rated for a product with high durability, but if its disposal is required, most manufacturers indicate that the materials of the packaging and the product are separated in a correct way, and then are properly referred for recycling.

People who provide recycling collection services, industrial landfills or waste incineration sites need to be licensed legally by the environmental agency of their city or state, so that they are able to carry out these activities.

Electrical machines are generally distributed in appropriate packaging of strong materials such as plastic, cardboard and wood and because of pre-established standards, packaging must be recyclable or reusable and rules followed in each country.

It is very important to stress that all the wood destined to the manufacturing process of the packages of the motors, needs to be of reforestation and should never be subjected to any chemical treatment for its conservation. From a construction point of view, electrical machines are designed with plastic, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper.



The Sources of Continuous Current

There are several sources of direct current, capable of supplying voltages or currents, regardless of the specifications of the load to which they are connected. Among these various sources is the DC voltage, which has the versatility of being divided basically into three categories, they are batteries, generators and power supplies.

The power supplies are the most common to be found in laboratories, where they use the grinding processes, so that it is feasible to convert a voltage with variation in time into a voltage of fixed magnitude. Even in a DC current source is ideal, even if there are variations in voltage, the source can always provide a fixed current to any electronic system.

Batteries consist of the most common DC power source. They produce electricity by converting chemical energy and are made by secondary cells, rechargeable cells, or by primary cells, which can not be replenished. Generators are capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and in the case of direct current, are also called dynamos and, when they are alternating current, alternators.



The Electronic Match

With the advancement of technologies, the progress of electronics has allowed the creation and projection of numerous devices, such as the starter to solid state, which focuses basically on a set of pairs of thyristors, or combinations of thyristors and diodes, with an em each motor power terminal. In this way, it is possible to be able to sustain the starting current at the line near the nominal line and with a subtle variation. In addition to the advantage of voltage or current control during the start, the electronic key also has the convenience of not containing moving parts or producing arcs, as in the case of mechanical switches.   RBA2S

The firing angle that each thyristor pair counts is electronically controlled in order to apply a variable voltage to the motor terminals during the acceleration process. At the end of the starting period, normally adjustable on average, between 2 and 30 seconds, the voltage can reach its full value after a subtle acceleration or an ascending ramp, as opposed to being exposed to sudden increases or jumps.




Electrical Power and Energy

Even though electric energy is a single element, it can present itself in different ways. Direct current circuits, also referred to as electrical power, in DC circuits can be achieved by means of the voltage (U), current (I) and resistance (R) ratio, all of which are involved in the circuit.

When a resistor is connected to a mains with voltage, it can pass an electric current that will be able to completely heat the resistance. This resistance will absorb the electric energy that is transformed into heat, which will also be a form of energy, in the same way, an electric motor can absorb the electrical energy of the network, transforming it into mechanical energy available at the tip of the shaft.  Boston Gear 31974

Then, in the alternating current circuits, in the resistors, the higher the mains voltage, the higher the current and the faster the resistance will heat up, that is, this process shows that the electrical power will always be higher. The electrical power absorbed from the grid in the case of resistance shall be calculated by multiplying the mains voltage by the current, if the resistance or load is single-phase.